Falls of the Ohio

Another fun field trip today.  Jacob finished classes yesterday, so we took one last (I think) family trip here in Louisville.  We went to the Falls of the Ohio.  This is the place from which Lewis and Clark set off to head out west.  George Rogers Clark, founder of Louisville, lived here, and Audubon stayed here to study the wildlife of the Ohio.

Mainly, though, this area is visited to see fossils in abundance which lie in the rocks on the fossil cliffs and the Ohio River bed.

Today we are thanking God for rotten walnuts!  As we were standing outside the visitor center, a staff woman came outside to throw away rotten walnuts, and she asked us where we were from.  That led to conversation, and when she heard we were going to go down to the river bed to look for fossils, she offered to find an interpreter for us who could lead us around and teach us about the fossils.  So we were introduced to Dale, who served as our personal guide for the morning.  He began by teaching us all about the fossils in the area.


Then he walked us around the fossils cliffs and down toward the river bed where he showed us some of the bigger fossils and helped us search for other ones.  IMG_3052

Isaac was pretty good at finding “Cheerios,” a certain type of fossil.  He is spraying them with water because that helps to make some of them easier to see.IMG_3051We are thankful for all of the field trips we were able to go on while here in Louisville, and so very glad that Daddy could go along today.  Oh, and it didn’t hurt that it was free!!


Bardstown Museums

Forgot my camera, so no pictures, but…

Last week we went down to Bardstown, KY to the Civil War Museum and oh so much more!  For one price, we actually got into 5 small museums:

– Civil War Museum (focusing on the Western front)

– Wildlife and Natural History Museum (many taxidermied wild animals arranged into scenes)

– a pioneer village (all authentic log cabins from the Bardstown area – just walk through, no re-enactors)

– Women of the Civil War Museum (nurses, spies, etc. – very interesting)

– War Memorial of MidAmerica (showcasing memorabilia from every war from the Revolutionary War to Desert Storm)

WARNING:  These museums are not for small children.  Not that they will hurt anything, but that a mother is bound to go nuts.  So thankful we took our strollers for the young boys!  And even the girls had a tough time because there was so much that could be read, which the moms wanted to do but the girls did not!

The best part – we were able to go with the Hills, new friends we have made here in Louisville.  They have four girls that are just about our girls ages, as well as a little boy a year younger than Isaac, so there was lots of chatter and laughter!

Creation Museum

The Creation Museum, only about 90 minutes from Louisville, was one thing we wanted to be sure to see while we were here.  Jake was able to take a day off of studying last week, and we made a day of it.

We really enjoyed the museum, which taught about Creation by God, the Flood, and the belief that the earth is actually quite young.  We have been studying these things all throughout our homeschooling, so it was neat to see exhibits that our girls could actually understand!

Our favorite exhibit overall was the one dealing with Noah’s Ark.  It was so well-made, showing a tiny part of the ark at actual size.  There was also much information explaining how Noah fit all the animals in the ark.


There was lots of info about dinosaurs, which made Isaac quite happy (though Suzie looks like she didn’t particularly enjoy some of the dinos!).


What a fun day!  The museum also has a beautiful botanical garden in which we were able to walk and eat our lunch.  And we were all so glad that Daddy was able to join us!

Did you notice?  Ruthie made it her goal to truly POSE in every picture!  She tells me she really can’t help it!!


Horseback Riding

When you live in horse country, you just gotta ride a horse!  At least that is how the girls have been thinking.  So we were very happy when we were able to bless them with a surprise trip to a horse ranch, Little Big Horse, where we took a trail ride.

Suzie on her Appaloosa, Oreo.


Rachel on Wally, and Ruthie on Midnight, both quarter horses.


And little Isaac on the only horse a wee fellow could ride.  He and Daddy hung out around the ranch while the ladies rode.


Squire Boone Caverns

I wish I had pictures of this field trip, but the pictures are on Jake’s camera.  Anyway, we got free kids’ tickets to Squire Boone Caverns in Indiana when the kids completed their summer reading programs at the Louisville Library.  And for once Daddy got to go with us on the trip!

We took a tour of the cave – not quite Mammoth Cave, but still very nice.  In addition, they had little shops that showed a little bit about pioneer life – soapmaker, candlemaker, a grist mill, and a gem mining place.  Each shop offered a small activity that the kids could do for $1, but we opted not to do.

One nice thing they offered is a scavenger hunt which helps to keep the kids engaged as they go around the pioneer shops.  They had to learn the answer to a question at each shop, and once completed, they each received a bag of 6 sticks of rock candy.  That is 30 sticks of rock candy!  That will take us a while!

Henry’s Ark

It may not have been a long field trip, but it is always nice to spend time with friends.  We went with the the Simmons and the girls’ buddy, Ben, to Henry’s Ark, a small wildlife park just north of Louisville.  A FREE wildlife park (though donations are encouraged).

It literally took about an hour, if that (it was a very hot day, so all of the animals were being kept close to the barn, so we hardly had to walk at all).  But they had peacocks, camels, water buffalo, bison, zebras, sheep, swans….





And the most popular animal… the dog!







Visit from the Lyttles

Soon after arriving home from Akron after our Memorial Day break, the Lyttles arrived for a 24-hour blitz visit!  The kids played.  The parents chatted.  Overall, lots of chaos and fun!

We took them down the waterfront in Louisville, where there is a huge playground and picnic area.  Then we walked over the Ohio River on a railroad bridge that has been transformed into a walking bridge.  Someday soon the bridge with lead right into Indiana, but for now it stops just short as they finish the ramp leading down to Indiana.



So glad our dear friends made the visit, even if it was a whirlwind!

Kentucky Horse Park

Aunt Kelly is here for a visit over the Fourth of July, and we took her to the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington.  Another great field trip!

There was a great kids barn with lots of activities to teach about things such as the various saddles, grooming tools, care of horses, etc.  There were also a couple of neat shows – one where we got to meet famous race horses, like Funny Cide, and one where we got to see and learn about various horse breeds.  There was also a museum about the history of the horse, and that was interesting because it hit on so many things we have studied in history and in a horse unit we did this year.

These chairs were at some point park of a horse jumping contest.  IMG_2703

These barrels each have a different kind of saddle – western, english, bareback, and I don’t know the fourth.  Rachel must be the navigator!1016218_10152039236523858_1962045583_n

There were so many different kinds of horses – Morgan, American Saddlebred, Fresian, Shire Sport, Gypsy Vanner, Thoroughbred, etc.  And we could pet almost all of them.1005421_10152039235433858_922053541_n

Holden Arboretum near Cleveland

We were home over Memorial Day, visiting Jake’s family and our church friends.  We had several fun play dates and dinners with friends and family.

We also went to Holden Arboretum near Cleveland with Grandma and Grandpa Tyrrell.


I never knew this arboretum was so close to our home (maybe an hour).  It was a beautiful place to walk around and have a picnic.  There was a rhododendron garden, plenty of ponds, and many perennials that set me dreaming that one day I will actually plant something in our flower beds!



And the highlight for Isaac – the drain!


Other Field Trips – Science and the Theatre

It seems like the Shaker Village was our first field trip in a while, but we have been keeping ourselves busy…

We went back to the Kentucky Science Center.  We saw an amazing display about the human body.  Maybe some of you have heard of this, as I have heard there are several traveling exhibits around.  The exhibit uses real human cadavors to teach about the body systems.  The girls had to be reminded that ALL body parts were made by God, and that it is okay to view them in this situation, though modesty is the general rule at all other times!
We went to see a musical – Disney’s Mulan – at a local performing arts school.  Ok, it was put on my children about Rachel and Ruthie’s age, so it was not a flawless production, but the kids loved it.
We also went to a ballet, Hansel and Gretel.  Put on by the same performing arts school but with high school students playing the main roles, it reminded us a lot of the ballet shows back home, with each class having their own small part, from 5 year old skunks to junior and senior angels.

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